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How Plastic Surgeons Can Get More Leads from Simple Facebook Ads



How Plastic Surgeons Are Getting Leads from Simple Facebook Ads

Since its inception, Facebook is among the leading social media platforms.

With an estimated 2 billion users, Facebook marketing is the best choice for plastic surgeons.

What Are The Main Advantages of Facebook?

Plastic surgeons report that Facebook is useful in:

  • Increasing their exposure for their marketing and advertising
  • Helping improve communication with the patient.

How Does Facebook Ads Work?

When a user logs in to their accounts, they will see the adverts sporadically placed between the newsfeeds. The ads will have the word ‘sponsored’ hence easier to spot.

Here is the exciting bit, you can run an ad that targets user’s demographics, interests, and location which means you can place laser targeted traffic directly at your Plastic Surgeon Marketing Funnel with Facebook Ads.

Advertising budget will thus be low when it covers a small demography space.

However, it is worth noting that should your competitors be able and willing to spend more resources than you have, their ads will show more than yours.

What are the Components of a Good Facebook Ad?

Most people who log in to their Facebook accounts will not be expecting to get an advertisement on their newsfeed. When designing your ad, make it brief and attractive to improve the conversion rates.

A High-quality ad will contain the following:

1. High-Quality Visuals

If the picture you use in your ad is not impressive, it won’t seal the deal no matter how charming your offer is. Get a competent expert to design your visuals. Where possible, choose a person with experience in the area.

A high-quality image can communicate dozens of your professionalism. It shows you are keen to even on the very minute details.

2. Relevance

Most people will log in to Facebook for fun. They’re not expecting any form of advertisement on their newsfeed. If you choose to surprise them with an ad, make sure it is convincing enough to create a lead.

3. Value Proposition

As a designer, how do you make use of 90 characters to increase your sales? Simple, the content you add as a description to the visuals should capture the attention of your reader. It should also be persuasive enough to make them click on the website.

The value propositions on the advert should be robust to persuade them to act.

4. The Call-to-Action

When designing your ad, you need to ask yourself these questions:

What goals are you trying to meet?

Who are your target clients?

Getting the answer to these questions will help you design a marketing strategy that maximizes your return on investment.

How to ensure you Get More Leads Using Facebook Ads

According to Closer’s Cafe, you should first understand your targeted audience.  (Here’s an infographic of all the targeting options).

Facebook runs their ads through a pay per impression procedure. Every time an ad appears on a user’s timeline, Facebook will charge you. The charges will run whether the user reacts or not.

Profiling your potential clients is essential before you adopt this marketing strategy. Also, make sure the content of your ad is superb. This way, the user will feel the urge to like, comment or even share with friends.

When profiling your audience, use the following;

The demographics: these include their age, gender, location, relationships and financial capabilities.

Their purchase behaviors and,

Seasonal events especially on matters of a dominating sport.

Track your Metrics.

Facebook ads are great for increasing conversions. However, if you do not approach it well, you will not get the returns you aspire to reach.

As a plastic surgeon, check the direct impact on your work to determine what is working and what is not, get rid of that which is not working.

If your ad is successful, the results should be evident by higher conversion rates, increase in traffic to your sites and so on.

It is worth noting that most online marketing strategies are more of trial and error. If you do not checks the stats, you will end with more errors than new clients.

Is Facebook your Best Choice?

Facebook helps create a friendly social environment that makes interactions natural. Your ability to shape audiences with precision makes your advertising more effective. Your potential clients will get real-time information on your specific procedures and practice. The call to action maximizes your sales.

Here is the exciting part, you can monitor real-time stats. As such, you can make quick and accurate adjustments thus improving your returns on investment.

If you haven’t tried the Facebook ads to promote your practice, you’re losing on a tremendous opportunity.

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