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How are Modern Day Chiropractors Using Facebook for Lead Generation?



Marketing your chiropractic practice is by no means an easy task.

Most of the conventional advertising methods rarely convince clients let alone increase traffic to your business.

So, what do you do to get some prospective clients?

Well, there is a more natural way to cast a wider net and reach the audience you’re looking for-Facebook ads.

Many chiropractors ignore the power and effect a paid Facebook Ad may have on their enterprise.

Well, this may be due to some reasons.

Probably, they tried it out, and it didn’t work fine as anticipated.

If you try using Facebook ads and the advertising flops, you’re probably doing it wrong.

If you’ve not made any attempt at Facebook advertising, then don’t worry, this tutorial will help you along the way.
In this article, we’ll look at modern strategies that will get you chiropractic patients to your hospital. Let’s start with the basics.

Why Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is a cost-effective platforms for promoting your chiropractic practice online. Well, Facebook has over 2 billion subscribers, meaning this is probably you and your potential client’s hangout.

Remember, Facebook has access to a vast amount of data on your potential customers. These include their demographics, location, behavior and interests among other features.

Well, Facebook ads work differently from other advertising options. Instead of you cold calling your potential customers, it’s the customers who find you and leave their contact details with you. In this way, you’re confident of converting these leads to sales.

As such, you’ll need to get the clients to click your ad, place a call, email you or do anything that may transform them into profitable clients.
But, how do you do this? Well, let’s get rolling and see how you get these clients in a weeks’ time.

Create an Amazing Offer for Lead Generation

Well, before you create that convincing ad, ask yourself, what’s the secret sauce in this offer? What will make the client to stop scrolling and click your ad?

Well, whereas you may think that this is hard, it’s not. Just get an offer that your audience won’t resist. It may include the following:

An irresistible sales offer that moves people

A product or service that clients perceive to be high value to offer at a little cost or for free.

It’s easy for software companies.  Take for example the latest Webinarjam Trial offer allows the user to test drive the software for 60 days.

Now, think about what you can provide that’s low risk to get people in the door.

So, let’s start with the irresistible sales offer. You’ll need to determine your exact target. In chiropractic practice, your target audience may include different people- exercise fanatics, pregnant women, senior citizen, athletes among others.

Well, with all these potential audiences, you have to be careful. Focus on each one of them and give an offer that’s exclusive to them.

Once you choose your target market, move on to the next step. Say, for instance, you prefer athletes as your target audience. What can you offer them for free and which is of a perceived higher value? A 10 or 15 minutes massage is ideal.

Ultimately, the chiropractor or a massage therapist will need to offer this massage. The offer will help get the lead in your business, develop trust and raise the possibility of them becoming repeat clients.

Easy, right? Let’s keep rolling.

The Facebook Ad

Here, you place your message for your clients to see and get thrilled about it. Remember, it doesn’t require to be lavish. Also, you don’t expect to write a novel for your ad. Your goal is to get clicks on your content.

The most effective ad type to do is a consideration. Here, the primary objective is to generate traffic. That means you design the ad to direct people to a given destination whether in Facebook or not.

As users scroll their newsfeed, they’ll click on your ad and possibly leave their details on the site. Follow on those who have shown some interest in working with you.

Will Facebook Work for You

Facebook is the leading social media giant. With over 2 billion active users, it’s possible to target a specific group of patients. It’s a perfect way to make your clients find you.

If you choose your target audience wisely, then you’ll reap big from this investment. However, you need to remember that the people who see your posts weren’t necessarily looking for you. As such, the ad you create should be superb and offer value to the readers.

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