Introducing Cashbook Toolkit

Cashbook Toolkit is a set of open source software for building personal finance applications and services. Currently comprised of three different projects which together provide a solid foundation to implement your PFM strategy.

The project has it’s own website with more details as well as links to the source code and a set of products that complement it. Please check it out and help spread the word.

I will be attending the CU Watercooler Symposium next week in Austin Texas and would love to start a discussion about credit unions (and banks too) using open source software at their organizations.

This is a new direction for me and Pennyminder and I am excited to see what people do with the software. Pennyminder has always been a one person operation and I have realized that I can’t do it alone and that it needs your help to make it a success, so grab the source code and start building today!

I have created a set of open source tools to help you build and launch personal finance apps and tools faster than you think.

Start building them today

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