Encourage Smarter Spending Habits

Technology solutions for credit unions that
empower members to be smarter with their money.

Easy Implementation

Deploying our applications into your existing infrastructure is simple and painless. Our product suite is designed to minimize setup time and costs so that you can offer new member services faster.

Empower People

Understanding spending habits is the first step towards financial literacy. Our software provides real-time instant feedback on member purchase decisions and their effects on monthly budgets and spending limits.

Safe & Secure

We provide secure, private cloud hosting on dedicated servers to ensure the integrity of your sensitive data. We fully manage the servers, which means you can focus on what you do best – serving your members.

A better way to manage money.

Convenient and simple to use applications and software designed for everyone.

Introducing Cashbook

A flexible and scalable platform for building PFM solutions.


Clients and Press

We're proud to work with innovative credit unions, and we're occasionally in in the news too!

About Pennyminder

We believe credit unions are the most sustainable, responsible way to bank, and we're dedicated to helping you succeed by providing tools and solutions to empower your members to manage their finances more easily and to make better choices about their finances. We're located in Mission British Columbia in the heart of the Fraser Valley

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